Who is פל

I looked after a child’s soul.

Pnina Libman

About Artist

Pnina Libman was born in France. She immigrated to Israel in 1991. Since a young age, she has been gifted in everything artistic… painting, drawing, music… sculptures… She lived for several years in Beitar Illit where she was very religious. Then she moved with her family to Tekoa in Judea Samaria where she stayed for more than 18 years. Today she lives in the Golan, one of the most beautiful regions of Israel but unfortunately also one of the most turbulent with the war…


in a style that remains naive Pnina has definitely focused her creations on the Hassidim which reflect, according to her, the most beautiful face of the practice..

“this beautiful hassid was one of my first sculptures sold
I loved his laughing look and his face full of positivity”.

The artist also works on original graphic works

you receive the graphic works in high resolution with a license for printing

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